Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Structre and process of life?!

It’s funny how we can change so quickly depending on the environment and the people around us.

It’s funny how situations, we are put in, help us discover something, some power that we didn’t know we had before!

It’s funny how 'talk' is easy yet doing is not!!

Should we then stop talking and just into life and work!! (What ever you work on just...WORK)

Since we don’t know how will we react or what special hidden powers we have, then we should just work!

No point on thinking about it, no point on saying what "I'm going to do...."
No point on talking about the next step if we didn’t take it already??!

Won’t that save us from un-met promises…save us from being ‘double faced’?
So, instead of “I WILL…” but rather, “I DID…”

Then, should we just take life on how it is given to us…
”Work with what you have” focus on the first staircase taken rather than on where this staircase will take me? Or where I want it to take me?
Should planning and predicting effect our journey?
Because with planning and predicting…We will ‘limit’ the journey…
We will miss or ignore things along the way that are not part of the plan, We will break some promises..since our plan started out with a certain energy that we were not able to keep till the end, We will miss bigger/higher out comes..since we are not aware of our own energies and strengths.
So, that’s too much of a will get us somewhere but very limited ‘somewhere’…very dry and un-rich(with many other discoveries about our selves and about what is around us)

Does that mean we should loss the structure? “take things as they come”…a journey a process...of taking a very step and foucing on what is infront of us…and working with it…
we will get to notice things about our selves that we were not aware of, we will discover things about the world that we never knew never experienced….
but where will that take us? I mean life is “full” one thing takes you to the other and that thing takes you to another…and so on and so on…we will get to discover many things…but for what? Where are we going??
With all this freedom…we will be lost!
As my design professors we telling us…you need a little structure (projects guide line) to get you starting without it…your lost! You’re going nowhere. Because there is too many ways and directions and all have their own possibilities and new discoveries!

So too much structure (of planning and predicting) and no structure what so ever..freedom…both in their own ways are “limiting”

we ask for our freedom but a structure is what will free us!!
Having a all ready structure in the begging will restrict our possibilities to get to the highest levels.
We need to go with the part of it and make it build our own structure…a structure that is supported with pillars…Pillars=> our faith, our believes, our Identity….


AH said...

I am so tempted to write a post about me and you. Seriously. It's how our majors were so different, one is left brain the other is right brain, and yet sub7aan Allah how we nifham 3ala ba39' kteer

Fida said...

;) ya tht will be nice! Sub7ana ALLAH!!

lets do it!