Tuesday, January 22, 2008

process, a basketball court, current, a box...

Always I’m trying to find a new analogy about life…
for many resons..one its simply “Fun”…makes my mind work and because im trying to understand it!!
Life is a process…as a designer I am fascinated by “process” interesting things come up things that you can never plan or predict, even if things don’t reveal just the process, the activity of doing what your doing here..is in it self-fascinating…a great sensations…you are in a world beyond this world…beyond this “box” these walls that we are put in by our misunderstandings of why we are here in the first place…
Life is a basket ball court, (taken from a lecture about educt of a interesting speaker Dr.Jackson) and Im Michael Jordan {life} throws to me the ball and I have no idea what im going to do with it at that moment…but all I have with me is my skill and incstince…with these things I take the next move…the move that should take me to my goal…to that basket on the other side, to score!
such analogies really help me understand life more…and make me more prepared to whets coming… …because I am put in this world (this basketball court) for reason.
sometimes my analogy goes over board, I try too hard to “figure it out”…I don’t know if life needs to be figured up or should be.
but I can’t help it but Think?! It keeps me moving….even though thinking sometimes slows me…with over analyzing and over dismantling…just slows me slows me from this “running” world…this world is moving and is not waiting for anyone…it is going only in one direction…one circle…that goes on and on….and I cant go against it…its too exhausting…and whats easier then just go with it…even though its not my direction??? With thinking and analyzing…I see how this one direction this current that this world is forcing me to take is not the only way…there are others…and this current will stop me from seeing the true purpose and true abilities of me in this world…and my role in it!
but oh how is it hard to go against it, when everyone is going with it…if you try to go back and look for another way, someone tells you “stop being silly” and pushes you back again with the current…why and how is it that we all know that this in not the only way…and that there are better, but still fallen into it…we know that this current is what is causing us disappear yet we are going with it.
why? I ask my self that a lot…but then I too fall into it…I come to a point…maybe I am being silly maybe there is no point of going back…just go with current everyone else is….I go and im just blank…not happy…not even upset…because I don’t know what I’m doing…but I’m just walking around blank…go where the current takes me…isn’t this our life? Why is it so? We are free we believe? But how free are we if we cant go against a current??


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Fida said...

Thank you for your comment, (even though its been such a long time)! i would like to see your notes, but i wasnt able to open any.
thank you