Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can you even feel it anymore?

The things we face in this world the people the issues everything put together, Is one big test one big wall put in front of you to test how strong your belief your goal your “want” is really is.

You say that my “heart” is strong! My belief is strong, my feeling is true!
You feel it, you see it, you live it…
Your almost hopping with joy, the world around is all rosy and beautiful the birds are singing a beautiful song that just makes your heart jump!

While you are dancing with the bird song in the middle of all the roses you fall into a hole, dark, gloomy and cold. In this hole the birds don’t sing for you rather you see all the rats squirming nibbling away on the rotten wood. The smell is so awful you hold your breath! You cannot see anything in front of you! Your disgust from the place and the fear of finding even worse things along the way makes you sit in the corner knees tacked closely to you, squeezing your eyes shut waiting for this whole thing to be over and that you will get to hear the birds again.

Tell me now, how do you feel about what is in your heart? Can you even feel it anymore? Do you love it as much as you did when it took you to the lovely rose garden with the birds?

(writen 25/7/2009)

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AH said...

Pretty Deep. I love it.