Sunday, December 5, 2010

little children we are...

why do we say and then do bad? why do we question what is given?
why do we not believe even though we walk with the words of believing?

We are weak and that is a given, but still why talk so passionately for one second and then the next we break? we break strongly and confidently?
Why can’t we wait for two seconds at least?

Why? that is the question,

We are a small child, not knowing what is best for us, fallowing what our little weak desires call for...hopping along doing things that we know will harm us, doing things that we know will UN-please our Lord.

We do and then hide behind the corner, so shy and embarrassed at what we have done.

This child that also calls and screams for this thing that knows will harm.

This child that is not aware of everything that is around.

This child that is still too younger to understand, cries and cries for something...even though something better awaits on the other shelf.

As little children, we are not suppose to plane and expect things, we are still too younger to know better, we shd just work but hold on tight to the bigger hand, that hand that knows the world that knows us better this hand that will guide us and reach to us in our time of need, this hand that knows where our true happiness is. We love this hand and feel so safe with its nearness.
Then, why why don’t we hold on to this hand? why do we let go and run to that hole to fall? And we know that we will fall and yet we let go? Why?? Aint it easier to hold on tight?


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